Having worked with such a vast variety of hearing aid wears over the past 16+ years, I’ve been asked several great questions by those policy holders. But the one question that keeps coming up: are my aids worth insuring?

Our advice: 

  • Is the newest technology really an improvement over the technology you’re currently wearing?
  • Do your hearing aids buzz or whistle
  • Have you noticed it’s become more difficult to hear speech in noisy situations?
  • Have those tiny batteries become more of a challenge, and you’re ready to look at rechargeable hearing aids?
  • Are you interested in wearing a less noticeable “invisible” hearing aid?

If yes to any of the above, ESCO encourages you to visit your hearing care professional for a thorough cleaning and program check of your current hearing aids. Your audiologist or hearing dispenser will be your best adviser when it comes to weighing the pros and cons of your lifestyle and current devices.

However, if your aids are less than 5 years old and you’re not ready for a costly upgrade, we highly encourage you to estimate the cost of loss and damage coverage. Especially since 12 months of ESCO loss, damage, and repair insurance premiums can be billed at a low monthly cost. Coverage options vary by the manufacturer, technology level, and style, but a quote for coverage is as easy as 1…2…3... Just visit: https://www.escogetaquote.com/

Still undecided or have specific questions? Call us toll free: (855) 546-0847