Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get ESCO protection for a hearing aid that’s out of warranty?

If your manufacturer warranty has expired, you need ESCO. Even if your instruments have been out of warranty for years, we can cover them. When you apply (either online or through your practitioner) you’ll certify that your instruments are in good working order.

Does ESCO cover normal wear and tear to my hearing aid?

Yes, if you enroll in ESCO’s Platinum Plan, you’re covered for loss, damage and normal repairs. Compare ESCO protection plans to choose the level of coverage that’s right for you.

Is the claim process quick?

Yes! Just complete and submit your claim within 90 days of your loss or damage, and we’ll respond to your practitioner within one working day. No notary is required. If you’ve lost or damaged your hearing aid, learn how to file a claim.

Does ESCO require a specific repair lab or only one manufacturer?

No. We recognize that your instrument should be repaired with parts made and installed by the original manufacturer. Their work is warranted and means that your instrument is as good as new.

How do I know I still have coverage?

ESCO will mail you a renewal notice prior to your policy’s expiration date. The notice encourages you to visit your hearing aid professional for regular maintenance that is essential to keeping your hearing aid in good working condition. ESCO also sends your hearing aid professional a registration card to keep on hand in your patient file.

Have other questions? Call 1-800-992-3726 and we’ll be happy to help.