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ESCO Supports Improved Access to Audiologic Care through changes in Medicare’s Professional Definitions

Plymouth, Minnesota, June 2013. ESCO Agency, LLC, the leader in insurance services to the hearing industry, joined the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and other hearing health advocates on Capitol Hill to support the access to audiologic care by Medicare recipients.

Charles Stone, Au.D, Executive Chairman, joined the effort to discuss and petition members of Congress for proposed changes to Medicare rules to allow Medicare patients direct access to audiologic care without a referral, make the full scope of audiologic care and services accessible to all Medicare patients, and define audiologists as limited license physicians under the Medicare program, a designation that other professional doctors such as dentists, optometrists, podiatrists hold.

Dr. Stone said “there are millions of people in the Medicare program that have hearing loss and helping them to have easier access to audiologists’ professional care would improve their ability to function in society”.

Dr. Stone further stated “these changes would make patient access to audiologists’ services much easier and reduce excess cost by eliminating unnecessary referrals by primary care physicians that are typically not trained to treat hearing loss.”

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