ESCO Sponsored Patient Reminder Programs

Are you notifying your patients when the warranty coverage on their aids is expiring? With ESCO Reminder Care, we do the work for you. And, at no cost to you.

ESCO sends customized letter to your patients, to remind them of an expiring manufacturer warranty.

The process is simple: by using patient information you provide, two letters are sent on your behalf.

The first letter is mailed 60 days prior to the warranty expiration date, the second letter is mailed 30 days prior.

Even though the letters are mailed from ESCO, they are sent on your behalf to maintain your patients' privacy. Your patient data is used ONLY to send notifications letters! 

All letters sent to your patients will include your office's information, 4-color logo, and color images of your offices provider and/or staff members. The letters also include an offer explaining the coverage options for their hearing aids, including a cost for the ESCO coverage.

All notifications are sent before the warranty expires, so there’s no gap in coverage.


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ESCO’s Classic Reminder Care program is an easy way to alert patients of their expiring warranty. At the time of sale, you decide which patients receive Reminder Care materials, items like ESCO supplied brochures and reminder care registration cards. Near time of warranty expiration ESCO notifies each registered patient with a letter that includes coverage options, cost of a policy, and an official ESCO offer.

ESCO will provide your office monthly updates of any patients who have expiring warranties. For each patient who purchases coverage you will receive a notification card for their file. Patient data is managed on ESCO’s portal and available to your office at all times.


Reminder Care, but with your Brand ID?

Similar to Classic Reminder Care, however the ESCO Custom Reminder Care program uses a customized letter to notify patients of an expiring warranty. These letters are tailored to your requirements by including a four-color logo, specific office and staff information, and provider credentials, helping to ensure brand consistency for your practice.

Patient data for this program is conveniently managed on ESCO’s portal and available to your office at all times.

Why practitioners participate in our program.
You’re busy; let us take this off your plate. We will notify your patients when their manufacturer warranty is expiring, giving you one less thing to worry about.

A NO COST retention marketing strategy.
This customized strategy is designed to help keep patients loyal to your practice.

Which program makes sense for your practice?
You have a way of doing business. Let’s start a conversation and determine which program fits your needs.

Your data is secure.
ESCO uses a secure, encrypted file transfer method for the transmission of patient data. Patient data is not used or shared for any other purpose.

Marketing Collateral.
ESCO has marketing collateral for each of these Reminder Care programs. When you enroll in the program, we will send you these items. More are available anytime.

What OMS systems can we work with?
ESCO works with the major Office Management Software systems in the industry to make the data sharing process for these programs as convenient as possible.

How will I know if my patient takes out an ESCO policy?
Two things happen when a patient takes out an ESCO policy;

  1. You will receive an ESCO registration card for your files. Registration cards verify the coverage type, specific aid information and the policy effective dates. This information can be verified on your ESCO portal, at
  2. Your patient will receive a copy of their ESCO policy in the mail within 1-2 weeks of taking out ESCO coverage.


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